Sex On Your First Night: Make Her Squirt

For those couples who just got married, the first night is the most eagerly awaited. The first night of waiting can make couples become deg-by, especially for the wife. They will definitely think that’s when is the best time to feel that his name had sex. You will then be asked, why? here is my take on this. You can make her squirt, but it’s better to start slow according to sten thorvald on his post.
Helen Fisher, Ph.D., an anthropologist at Rutgers University and author of ‘The First Sex’ that says “reward system in the brain is in its peak.” In addition, at the time a woman is feeling very happy. Hormones epinephrine and dopamine, which is the hormone of happiness maker, actually increased.
For your husband, you can not have sex with a casual, because it will always imprint in the memory of your wife. Therefore, the husband needs to make her feel comfortable and not experiencing fear not the first time the marital relationship that the wife get experience truly unforgettable.

As quoted from Your Tango, so that a woman can get happiness during intercourse on the first night, there are two things to note, that the heating and sex positions.
The purpose of warming up is the wife of the genitals can issue a lubricating fluid that is enough for penetration. Therefore, during the warm up you need and make your wife really excited that you can achieve that goal. It’s going to be a lot easier for your woman to squirt than if you don’t apply it. Some things you can do to provoke passion is to touch each other, kissing, fingering, and hugging. In addition, the heating can also make you both closer together.

Wife so that you do not feel sick on the first night, it is important to have intercourse with the right position. The position that you can try is a woman above. This position allows you to adjust the depth of penetration and control and regulate the rhythm of love.
In addition, you also have to make my wife and be as comfortable as possible so he is going to experience pain. Because you will find it hard to get passionate if you feel scared and anxious. You can outsmart it by warming up the fear was gone.